Academy of Mine Review: Best eLearning Platform for Instructors

The growth and development of the internet are bringing with it a plethora of new opportunities, one of them being the idea of online learning. The idea was a great success as it intended to broaden the scope of education and made pupils believe about the possibility of knowledge even outside the confinement of a classroom. E-learning has brought a revolution into the outdated, traditional and laid back style of classroom education. It has given rise to flexible education solutions.e-learning as the name suggests, is being conducted via the electronic medium and owing to the interactive features it offers, students seem to enjoy this medium of education more. The profound interest levels of the students have encouraged startups and organizations to introduce e-learning apps and websites, and here we would discuss one such medium of online education.

How to Choose the Best eLearning Platform for Instructors?

Owing to the growing interest of students and organizations towards flexible learning platforms, a plethora of apps and websites has made its way into the internet. So fixating on one such platform might not be easy at first glance and therefore you need to assess a ton of factors before coming to a decision. For instance, you need first to see whether the goals of the learners are met and how efficient the entire process is. Before investing in an e-learning platform, you need to first check on the skills of your team members and then proceed with the shortlisting process. Technical features and limitations also play an important role while designing online course creation platforms to check whether the learners would face any problems during the sessions.

How Does Academy of Mine Works?

One of the best platforms for designing e-learning apps or websites is Academy of Mine. The best thing about this e-learning tool is that it allows businesses to design their e-learning platform. Irrespective of the number of customizations or the number of features you wish to employ in your e-learning platform, the software would do it for you without any further questions. The purpose of letting experts design and launch your e-learning platform is to ensure that you don’t get stuck on technical details and instead can focus on developing the learning models. The design aspects of your online school would also be taken care of by Academy of Mine. The e-learning developers work by asking the organizations or individuals the list of requirements, and they get back to work. Also, Academy of Mine charges a fixed fee, so you do not have to worry about paying extra even if you consider to implement added features.

Academy of Mine Review: The list of Product Features available to the instructors of the Academy of Mine.

This academy of mine review will explain the distinguishing features of this e-learning platform and will also state the reasons why this e-learning tool stands out from the rest of its peers.

Academy of Mine features Customization.

The platform offers you numerous customization options which would allow you to design your e-learning platform like the way you want. To create courses in minutes, the platform provides you drag and drop builder and also the powerful ‘visual builder’, a tool to ensure that you can create numerous landing pages without knowing any coding skills. The interface is intentionally set to be user friendly so that you can control and customize every page of your e-learning website.

Academy of Mine features: Learning tools

The platform offers various smart tools to make learning fun and enjoyable for students of every age. You would be able to create engaging quizzes to withhold the attention of students. Also, users would be able to set assignments for students encouraging them to upload their handiwork. Certificates are an essential component which can make the resumes score good points from the employers. If you promise to award certificates to your students, you would be able to create certificates way too quickly. AOM offers several catchy looking yet professional templates to you so that you can create certificates.

Academy of Mine features: Security

You don’t have to worry about security, nor do you have to invest anything extra to get reliable security features. Both customer and content information is protected using TLS 2.0 encryption and SSL, and this implies that your data would be completely safe.

Academy of Mine features Marketing automation.

With the assistance of AOM, you would be able to market your courses to the students with dynamic sales pages consisting of all the info students require like syllabus, price. You would have to invest in additional marketing tools as all-important marketing tools like SEO, Google Analytics, content marketing, email marketing are already integrated into this platform. You would find all these in the marketing dashboard, and it even integrates with Google Analytics. You would be able to display all the marketing-related data just with a single click. You would find features like Autoresponders and Triggers, and these would help you to run marketing campaigns. As a result of these marketing activities, you would earn a strong customer base within no time.

Academy of Mine features Course Analytics.

Once you begin to use AOM, you would be able to integrate students and instructor dashboard, which would enable to track the progress of each student and send them detailed reports. For this purpose, you can also put course analytics available on the platform and see how the students are performing in the exams and quizzes.

Academy of Mine Review: Pricing Plans

Academy of Mine offers different packages consisting of distinct features because every business requirement is different. If you consider investing in the e-learning tools of Academy of Mine, you have to select from three pricing plans. The first plan named ‘Essentials’ is priced at $499/month, and it is meant for businesses which look forward to implementing only the basic features of an e-learning platform. The second plan called ‘Professional’ is $899/month, and it is perfect for those businesses which need advanced features and also sells their solutions in bulk to other organizations.

However, if you want custom solutions and features unique to your business, then you should purchase the ‘Custom’ plan.

Academy of Mine Review: Advantages

  • AOM offers a free period of 2 months if you purchase the first plan and in case you are willing to invest in the ‘professional’, you would get attractive discounts.
  • Super easy to create courses and modules, and you do not have to be a tech-freak to do it.
  • The software allows you to design your e-learning platform as per your liking and therefore you can employ the numerous designing tools.
  • You can create fun quizzes and assignments and even set exams to check the performance of the students.
  • After students complete courses with decent attendance and pass exams, you can award them certificates by designing in the templates.
  • Academy of Mine offers various automated marketing feature like content marketing, SEO and email marketing
  • The support of Academy Of Mine is one of the best and reliable in the market
  • You can even design payment plans as per your desire
  • Your customer info is also protected by TLS 2.0 encryption and SSL, and therefore you don’t have to invest extra for security.
  • Academy of Mine aims you to appeal to a broader set of audience, and that is why it enables you to train in multiple languages.
  • The built-in grade book will allow the user to track the progress of every student, and they will also determine the areas that require improvement.
  • With the help of student and instructor dashboards, the user can derive numerous insights.
  • You, as a user, can set up courses that the students can automatically purchase and start learning, and you can also set some classes to be free.

Academy of Mine Review: Disadvantages

  • Insufficient LMS specific templates to choose from and you would have to build pages on your own
  • Tutorials should be more explanatory
  • All the menus for customization might not be easily found and implemented.
  • The certificate facility needs to be improved.
  • Pricer than other LMC platforms
  • You might not be able to upload multiple files at once without using a zip file.
  • More functionality required around the newsletters and automation
  • If someone has little or no knowledge about CSS, then the customization gets a bit difficult
  • If developers are working on 3rd party tools, then importing it into AOM receives challenging.

How to Create your First Course with Academy of Mine?

If you have not ever used an e-learning platform to create courses, then do not need to worry because the Academy of Mine makes the entire process very simple. All you have to do is to visit the official website of the Academy of Mine. Then register with your business email-id and the name of your online school. Within no time, you would find your first course to be completely ready for the students. To complete the course, the platform would ask for you to upload the audio and video lectures as well as images and other content. Once the Academy of Mine uploads the course with all the content, you will be responsible for creating the design of your website so that it captivates students and other businesses. Then your task would be to form a community of students and to everything to engage them. You will have to launch your courses continuously and sell them to generate your ROI.

Academy of Mine Review: Capterra 4

Raven T. said “The AOM team handles the integration of the software into WordPress, and it is commendable. It is where all of the maintenance tasks of managing a website such as security, plugin updates, load time are performed. However, the Tincan importing might confuse the students”

Academy of Mine Payments

Academy of Mine handles the payment process whole-heartedly to ensure that you do not have to rent out the payroll services of a 3rd party vendor. Every time a user will purchase a subscription, or a course Academy of Mine will collect the transaction fee based on the plan you have purchased from Academy of Mine. You would be getting paid either daily or based on the selected payout option you have chosen. If you choose the monthly payment gateway, then you would be paid 30 days after the purchasing date.

Academy of Mine Success Stories

From the very beginning, the Academy of Mine has been successful in helping professionals associated with education management and today, the professionals have come forward to share their success stories. Kevin J., CEO of Computer and Network Security, said that earlier they have been struggling with a broken LMS system, but after moving to AOM, all their needs are catered. Raven T., Director of Education Management, quoted ‘The overall experience is pretty good. The customer support is superb and they go truly try to accommodate custom requests. It’s a great product for anyone looking for a quick, all-in-one solution for delivery of online courses’.

Academy of Mine Alternatives for Instructors

  • Teachable
  • Eduflow
  • CourseSites
  • Teachery
  • Thinkific
  • Pathwright
  • Learnyst
  • Lessonly
  • Metrics That Matter


It is during the last couple of years that we have seen how the idea of e-learning platforms have sprung into action. However, the vast popularity it garnered within the short while is not a wonder owing to the innumerable benefits learners experience by investing in e-learning. But since setting up an e-learning platform comes with a ton of tedious tasks, it is recommended to outsource the job to the experts, like Academy Of Mine.