Kajabi Review: Is it the Best Course Creation Platform of 2021

How does Kajabi work?

With the immense use of internet in every sector, at this age and time, it is difficult to not integrate it with education too. There are quite some platforms available that helps learn and grow. A couple services have been designed to assure that people can share their knowledge and courses with the crowd at scale. Kajabi is all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages, and design the perfect website. They provide you with everything that you would need to create, market and sell your digital products. It has been highly instrumental in helping people escape the career they hate, so that they could pursue their passion and they have witnessed people in retirement build an entirely different business that can be run with utter convenience and college-aged kids choose the digital entrepreneurship path, and outearn their chosen career even before they have graduated and stay-at-home moms launch companies that now employ their spouses with 7 and 8 figure businesses. It is a reliable platform based on strife for ownership, proactivity, and dependability. Here, we would further study and analyze the platform to list down what it is the best for and what pulls it down and develop around its’ features and little trivias.  


Kajabi  Features: The Comprehensive List of Features Available to Kajabi Instructors

Kajabi has an impressive series of features that you would need to build a highly successful Knowledge Commerce business. They are all listed below-

Features- Website

They allow you to bring all your products together into one aesthetically pleasing website and also create a marketplace for your products where your customers could buy the additional products, all in one click.

They have an entire library stocked with gorgeous fully-customizable themes and you could make your site and brand look however you wish to make it look with these. It is completely your site and brand and you can make it look however you wish and you can logo, images and colors to brand your home on the web.

They provide your customers one place to login and access the list of all the products they have purchased from you.

All of their sites gets a domain automatically to make sure you get started quickly, and if you really wish to add your own branding, you could simply use a custom domain or a subdomain.

They allow you to create however many pages you wish to and add information that rarely changes, such as an ‘About Us’ page, ‘Contact Us’ page, Privacy Policy or legal disclaimers.

They have a Reports Dashboard that allows you to see Sales by day, week, month, and offer and also access affiliate Sales reports.

Features- Product

They allow you to choose the right fully-customizable theme for each of your products, so that the appropriate value is exuded to the customers.

They completely understand how we live in a mobile dominated world and make their products easy to consume and look great on any device. Their themes are fully mobile responsive and are beautiful on computers, tablets, and phones.

They have easy video hosting where you just have to upload your video content right to Kajabi and you’ll have the encoding and delivery of your videos powered by Wistia. They assure to your customers flawless and speedy viewing on any device, anywhere, anytime.

They are quite easy to use and allow you to easily add file downloads to your product, upload documents, presentations, images, and audio files to really make your content valuable.

They allow you to increase retention by setting your content to drip out to users on a schedule based on when they bought the product, so they users will automatically receive an email when new content is released to them.

Features- People

They have Member Lists, on which, you can see all the people who have purchased anything from you and easily filter by product to see who has purchased what. Also, they have a Member Dashboard that shows you information about an individual member and products they’ve purchased, their payment history, how many times they’ve logged in, and more and you can also type notes here to record specific interactions with the member.

They have a Bulk User Import that quickly and easily adds new members to your products by pasting in a list of names and email addresses. If you wish, they will automatically receive a customizable welcome email.

They also have Multiple Step Checkout to eliminate friction in the checkout process and up your conversions.

Features- Marketing

They have Pipelines that allow you to easily string together Landing Pages, Email Sequences, and Offers. Other than that, they have Pipeline Blueprints that helps build out an entirely automated marketing campaign with the click of a button with prebuilt templates that will handle your Product Launches, Sales Campaigns, Webinars, and much more.

They assure that you are just a couple clicks away from a beautiful landing page and you just have to choose a template, add your own copy, and start sending people to your new page.

They help you quickly make forms with custom fields to collect visitor data so you can understand your audience better and start speaking directly to their needs.

They understand the power of quizzes, uploadable documents for homework, and even the ability to require completion of an assessment before moving on and have built it  all in their platform.


Kajabi Pricing- List of Plans

Kajabi allows you to start sharing your knowledge with everyone today. They have a couple of plans to offer, but irrespective of what plan you choose, you can  ask for an upgrade whenever you wish to and if you cancel your subscription within 30 days of your first payment, and you would like a refund, all you need to do is contact support and we will happily issue you a refund. Also, they allow you to get started for free and their free trial lasts for 14 days. The plans that they offer are following-

The Basic plan, which is said to be the most appropriate ones for Beginners, would cost you a solid $149 per month and they allow 3 Products, 3 Pipelines, Unlimited Landing Pages, Unlimited Marketing Emails, 10,000 Contacts, 1,000 Active Members, 1 Website and 1 Admin User. Other than that, they offer Hero University, 0% Transaction Fee, Webinars & Events, Ready to Use Templates, Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys) and Chat Support.

The Growth plan, their most popular plan would cost $199 per month and would offer everything that the Basic plan offers with the addition of 24/7 Chat Support, Ability to Remove Kajabi, Branding, Automations and Affiliate Program. Other than that, they allow 15 Products, 15 Pipelines, Unlimited Landing Pages, Unlimited Marketing Emails, 25,000 Contacts, 10,000 Active Members, 1 Website and 10 Admin Users.

Except for that, there is a Pro plan, which is the best plan they have and costs a whooping $399 each month. They offer each of what the Growth Plan has to offer and also includes Theme Editor and Experts Academy. Other than that, they offer 100 Products, 100 Pipelines, Unlimited Landing Pages, 2,000,000 Marketing Emails, 100,000 Contacts, 20,000 Active Members, 3 Websites and 25 Admin Users.

However, if you choose the annual plan, you get a 20% for each of the plans and you would have to pay $119 per month for the Basic plan, $159 per month for the Growth plan and $319 per month for the Pro plan. Also, if you select the annual plan, you would have to pay the amount annually.


Take a Look at Kajabi’s Pros and Cons

Everything seems to have the factors that sets it apart and the ones that pulls it down, so does Kajabi. Here, we have discussed in details all of those.

Kajabi Pros

  • They seem to be the one stop solution for everything and they have absolutely whatever you want, all under one roof, be it- email or landing pages or sales pages or shopping cart or website or blog or marketing funnels or online courses.
  • They have a live customer support which is available for each of its’ users, 24*7 and the longest one seems to have to wait was for about five minutes, but more times than that, they actually connect you to someone. Also, they support is brilliant and they get you the solutions real quick, help you troubleshoot your issue, and even tinker around with some options/coding on the page to make it work if you’re trying something a little more custom and can’t quite get it to work right.
  • Not only is it a very powerful platform, but also is very easy to use and has a very simple user interface, with which one could get accustomed to real quick. Their functionality is simply out of the box.
  • It is an ever evolving platform. They keep adding to the features each day and they try to make it better at regular intervals, which is brilliant.
  • They have seamless integration with Stripe, that makes receiving and sending out money a breeze.
  • Their Pipelines help you go from landing page to opt in to engagement and or sale and their newly launched events pipeline allows you to do webinars and even integrate with Zoom from within the platform.


Kajabi Cons

  • It seems very pricey for people who do not have a cash cushion already or do not have money flowing in yet. As a result, it seems a little out of budget for people who are just starting out in the business. So, price definitely seems to be a barrier for entry and their tiers are very vaguely configured.
  • Their email feature is not robust with their stats and data and it is not possible to fully transfer them. The feature is majorly used for webinar sign ups and nothing else because enough data about opens/clicks/percentages/etc cannot be located.
  • They do not give you a very detailed statistic and do not necessarily show data that you might consider important, for instance, when the student stopped watching the video tutorial or so.
  • They pose certain limitations with their build outs and sales funnels and also with their themes, for instance, if you would require their themes to build what you want, it would be very inflexible from the design perspective.


Kajabi Success Stories

Kajabi has helped people change their lives for better and made them follow their passion and so. Their stories and inspiring and motivation and here and some-

Dean Guccione is a retired Fire Chief whose online business has provided him with the freedom to live life on the road.

Brett Lindenberg is a food entrepreneur who wiped away all his debt by selling online courses.

Tafiq Akhir is a fitness coach who fulfilled his dream of building a fitness studio, using revenue made on Kajabi.

Jon Acampora is a financial analyst who turned his knowledge of Excel into a $900k online business and gained more freedom at the same time.

Tiffany Bymaster is a makeup artist who completely changed her life by turning her experience into a thriving, global online business.

Not only are these stories absolutely thrilling and moving, but also reflect on the incredible business opportunity that Kajabi extends.


Kajabi Payments

They have two payments methods to offer, that is, Stripe and PayPal and they seamlessly integrate with them both, allowing simple and easy transactions. They also explain in details how to add sales tax to your offers, Stripe billing, how to connect Kajabi and Stripe or PayPal, how to send a receipt in Stripe, coupons in Stripe, how to cancel or refund a payment on Stripe and PayPal, how to edit a member’s subscription on Stripe, PayPal Integration and Troubleshooting, and how to prevent disputes and frauds and more on their site.


How to Create Your First Course with Kajabi

Creating your first online course with Kajabi is quite a breeze and we would explain to you exactly how you can have your first course up and running within a short period of time and with utmost ease.

For starters, you need to build a very solid framework for your online course and you need to decide on a profitable niche and laser focus it. To look for it, you could use Google’s Keyword Planner. Also, you should scope out competition before you set a target audience.

You then need to begin marketing and email marketing seems to be the single most effective way to convert readers into customers and if you don’t have an email list, your business has nothing to stand on, and your marketing efforts won’t produce the results you want, so you would need to make one and take it grow.

Then, you need to optimize your website in a manner that it appeals to your niche, so that you could reach the ideal audience and attract relevant traffic.

Prior to that, you need to set up a sleek and professional design, because aesthetics matter a lot and Kajabi has several themes built in and you can pick your theme and get your website set up in less than 30 minutes. Also, they have templates for anything you’ll need in your business like email opt in pages, thank you pages, launch pages, webinar registration pages and more.

You should create a valuable blog because it is one of the best ways to grow your business and it is a marketing tool that speaks directly to your target audience.  It would drive traffic, boost your ranking on Google, bring you attention on social media and more. Also, find some keywords and use them in the blog and publish often.

That is about it. It might seem like a lot but it is quite effortless and easy once you get into it and it is definitely very fruitful. If you require a more detailed understanding of how you to create your first course with Kajabi, you will find it on their site.


Kajabi Review- G2crowd 4.5/5

With their beautiful layout, easy to use interface, intuitive design and more, Kajabi has been winning hearts and has become a highly trusted platform by a huge audience. It is an all in one solution and an excellent one at that and continuously keeps adding features, has lots of templates, funnels, email automation, and collects payments. However, they do not support third-party services such as Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate, which require uploading folders and code to the website. Nevertheless, their diversity and customizable features make it up for it.


Kajabi Review- Capterra- 4.5/5

It is an all in one system and has everything to offer, ranging from email, landing pages, sales pages, shopping cart, website, blog, marketing funnels to online courses and more. They perform an excellent job at all of these and despite that, they thrive to improve and better themselves, for which, they keep adding new features. Their live customer support is amazing and they will find you the solution, help you troubleshoot your issue, and even tinker around with some options/coding on the page to make it work if you’re trying something a little more custom and can’t quite get it to work right. However, it misses out features like gamification or completion certificates, which would hopefully make it the platform to go to, but even with their absence, it is incredible.


Kajabi Review- Getapp- 4.5 /5

Their viewers seem to love their features, ease of use and customer support, but however feel that they could do better when pricing is considered. For the people who have been using it since its launch, vouch that their graph and only hurled towards success and they have seen it constantly improving. It is one of the best online business portal for small businesses or large ones that provides them with everything they need at a single place to do business over the internet. You can create funnels, use emails, manage your CRM, and so on.


Kajabi Review- Overall Instruction Review


Final Verdict- We Recommend Kajabi To


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