Learnworlds Review: Best Online Course Creation Platform of 2021

With the schools and colleges all around the world, adopting the idea of online learning whole-heartedly, students are growing fond of this learning platform. As the demand for such online courses grew, so did the number of e-learning platforms offering such courses for learners. It is for this skyrocketing demand for such flexible courses that led business owners to make this as a pleasant business opportunity. Business owners are seeking the help of service providers offering to help them in setting up their e-learning platform to turn this business opportunity as a successful endeavour. That is why you would find many such featureful e-learning tools to listen to your business requirements and design your platform to fit the criteria perfectly.

How to Choose the Best Course Creation Platform?

As mentioned earlier, there are a plethora of course creation platforms available in the market, and you should not go and choose the first option you find online. Instead, you should assess the features and functionalities of each to see whether they would cater to your business needs. Pricing is also another important parameter you should check because some platforms might not be startup-friendly and investing in such platforms would strip you off all your investments. Another prime factor is perhaps whether the platform you are choosing would design the course, keeping in mind your preferences. After examining all these factors, lastly, you should see whether the goals of your learners are being met adequately because, without it, you would miss out on revenue.

Here is the learnworlds review, which is considered to be one of the best e-learning tools of recent times.

How Does Learnworlds Work?

Learnworlds is a reliable and robust online training platform meant for startups, small business, entrepreneurs and enterprises. With the help of this platform, you can either create or sell courses to individuals or construct training solutions for employees of organizations or students of schools and universities. The solution is an all-in-one, fully customizable and offers white labelling features as well.

The platform is cloud-based, and therefore you can access it from your mobile as well as PC. But Learnworlds not only delivers you unparallel capacity for student engagement, but it is also equipped with features like 3rd party marketing tools, extensive analytics tools and powerful sales generators. You would not have to keep track of recent updates and releases from the platform, as they are available on the cloud almost instantly after the release. It is due to these impressive features that virtual school owners can now focus on improving the quality of courses and instructors rather than struggle with the technicalities of the platform. Learnworlds caters to the business owners who dream to make profits out of learning experiences and not just from a series of boring videos.

Learnworlds Review: Product Features

Learnworlds consists of some of the best features one could if you want to create and sell your courses online, and below the benefits are explained are in details:

Learnworlds Features: Beautiful templates

If you manage to make the overall website design impeccable, then you are sure to draw several learners, and that will boost your revenue. To create your landing pages, home pages, course pages Learndash offers about 300 custom templates for you to design your website by mixing and matching.

Learnworlds Features: Page builder

If you want a seamless mobile and SEO-friendly website with the block-based design of the pages, you can count Learndash on it. Thanks to it, because now you can create a stunning online learning platform without renting expensive services from a web-designer or page builder.

It is the platform’s flagship feature, and the developers are always on the lookout for releasing new updates to make the page builder more intuitive than it already is.

Learnworlds Features: magic templates

The magic template is perhaps the best thing to have happened to this course creation tool. It lets users navigate through numerous styles and designs while getting to watch an instant preview of the actual content. So that you can determine whether your chosen design and style would complement your content.

Learnworlds Features: interactive learning

The platform designers have put in umpteenth efforts to imbibe interactives in almost every component, and the user can have complete access to the controls to increase student engagement which accounts for retention.

As human minds get attracted to visual content at an alarming rate, you can make the most of the interactive video features, including adding pop-up buttons and questions. If you manage to make your videos look interesting, students would be captivated to watch more and then you can sign them up!

Learnworlds Features: e-books

Often after watching video lectures, learners look for e-books to clear their doubts or to get more concepts on a particular subject. You would be able to add in e-books much more easily as pre-built e-book templates complete with text, images, page title and even a call-to-action button is available for you. All you have to choose is a beautiful template, and then you can add that in the content yourself or take help from an instructor.

While reading the e-books, learners can also take in notes and highlight or stylize it for their exam purposes.

Learnworlds Features: Social media marketing

After becoming a member of Learnworlds, you don’t have to sign in to a 3rd party community app, as Learnworlds has a built-in social network. Through this community, you can level up the engagement meter and can even turn buyers into repeat buyers by posting something relevant and useful.

This tool enables learners to communicate with each other and have a complete overview of what is happening in the network.

Learnworlds Features: Course player

If you consider this platform, you will eventually find out about the super-advanced course player. It brings you umpteenth of templates and designs to choose from to design a unique learning path for your learners. The templates are available in a range of options, from classic, minimal to coloured, to suit the taste of every learner out there.

Nonetheless, to say, the course player is completely customizable, and you can add sections, progress buttons, sections numbers. You can also go beyond this and add in custom CSS features so that your platform has unique branding.

Learnworlds Features: Affiliate management

If you want to create, launch and manage a perfect affiliate program, then you should learn the functionalities of the affiliate and commission tracking tools. With the help of this, you will have your own sales team consisting of several hard-working partners who would try their best to promote your business on their platforms. To compensate their efforts, you can either set a universal affiliate commission rate or pay different rates.

Learnworlds Review: Pricing Plans

Learnworlds offers flexible and reasonable pricing plans to fit into the budgetary needs of every business. The first plan starts from $24/month, and it charges you $5 per course sale, and only one user can manage the platform. As for the 2nd and 3rd plans, there are no commissions to be deducted, and they are priced at $79/month and $249/month respectively. The last plan charges you based on the number of features you require and is mostly used by giant corporates.

Learnworlds Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

Now that you have known about the world-class features of Learnworlds, take a look at the pros and cons of the best e-learning platform for instructors, as reviewed by its users.

Learnworlds Advantages:

  • You can create and sell unlimited courses.
  • One can access the platform using mobile, tablets and even PCs.
  • The language of the platform can be customized as per the user’s requirements
  • Ready-made templates available in the platform allows the user various ways of designing
  • The built-in social network calls in for more customer engagement
  • Through the gamification tools like quizzes, assignments users can withhold learners’ attention
  • You would be able to sell courses in a bundle and can also generate coupon codes to offer discounts
  • You can even customize fonts in the platform the way you want
  • There is even a video library available for you to use
  • Learners can also read daily newspapers published every day on the platform.
  • By using learner analytics, you can track the progress of every learner.
  • Create ebooks by embedding your content in the prebuilt templates.
  • You will be able to track your conversions

Learnworlds Disadvantages:

  • No option to email all your users at the same time
  • Glitches in typing in the website builder
  • Templates are somewhat cumbersome
  • Gamification tools need to be more developed.
  • No overview of student activity or progress is available for the users
  • Integration options are a bit restricted
  • Comprehensive and featureful plans are expensive

How to Create your First Course with Learnworlds?

After you have decided the topic of your first course by keeping in mind the requirements of your audience,try to add it in your content. Besides audio, video, presentation, quizzes and assignments your course content must include blog posts, HTML content. After this, you can proceed further and find various videos and presentation recording tools. While uploading video tutorials, don’t forget to add in ebooks related to it, for better understanding. Then you can generate digital certificates bearing your brand name, logo, name of the student and course completed by him/her by employing the online testing engine.

If you have not yet designed your brand name and logo, however, then you can take the assistance of the theme editor and can upload your logo over there. With this theme editor, you will be able to customize the colours of your online school as well.

To make your platform mobile and tablet-friendly, contact the team of Learnworlds and they will create a mobile app for you.

Learnworlds Review- G2Crowd-5

Alona B. quoted, “The platform works well and has many adjustable features. The support is super fast and always helpful! The user experience is excellent as well. I can use my photos and designs to make the platform customized. I can recommend using this platform as a great online tool. We were using another platform before but decided to switch to LearnWorlds as it seems much more relevant for our needs.”

Learnworlds Review- Capterra-4

Antionio S. said, “Learnworlds is truly innovative in its approach to providing a flexible and functional LMS platform at an affordable price (even in SA), which is tied to the Rand/Dollar exchange rate). However, there are some limitations with the Currency component and payment options (for a SA business)”

Learnworlds Success Stories

Since its foundation year, Learnworlds has been empowering startup owners and entrepreneurs to fulfil their dream of creating and selling online courses efficiently. According to Teya B., the attentive and expert team of Learnworlds make it stand out, and they don’t hesitate to look into the problems and needs of their clients.

Missy C. said that she had developed confidence in her business, thanks to the support team of Learnworlds and surely it has been the company’s number1 goal to date.

Learnworlds Alternatives for Instructors

  • iSpring Suite
  • eLAT
  • eLab
  • BRAVO! Response
  • ITyStudio
  • mAuthor
  • Nimble Elearning
  • Coursio


If you are looking for a fully customizable, powerful, reliable, all-in-one e-learning tool to help you set up your online course-selling business, then you have found your business assistant in Learnworlds. The solution is white labelling, implying that regardless of the work Learnworlds do in creating and launching your website, your services would bear only your brand name.

Through your courses created through Learnworlds, learners of various schools and colleges and even organizations can take up courses. After completion, you can award them certificates to keep them motivated for learning.

Only one of the few tools for instructors like Learnworlds can enable you to open an international school and interact with numerous students, without taking classes in a brick and mortar classroom.