Teachable Review: Best Course Creation Platform of 2021

The internet is an ever expanding market that rapidly grows and with it, the opportunities and scope for more grows exponentially. Very similarly, one such idea was of online learning that has immensely affected and widened the scope of education and broke the confinement of the four walls of the classroom. While the earlier model of education was quite laid out and simple, where children would be seated in a classroom and a teacher would lead the process, the launch of e-learning has not just influenced the process but also bought some major developments. E-learning, in theory is education via and electronic medium, which not only means very low costs and immense accessibility but also a shift towards flexible education solutions. Not only is there an increase in effectiveness because of the animation and such, but students seem to enjoy the process and are like to engage more. The same has lead to the creation of make apps and platforms that could help cater the same and in this article, we would be very closely analyzing one such platform.

How to Choose the Best e-Learning Platform

There is a plethora of learning management systems and such platforms available in the market today and for you to pick from, so, fixating on one does not seem like an easy task. There are a lot of complexities and factors that one should consider and that been said, one should always determine what their learning and development objectives are and what the learners would wish to see and how the needs of the audience would be met. You would need to assess the skills of your team and draw a strategy and also look out for technical limitations. You should also check out the adaptability and maintenance of the LMS. These should help choose one of the e-Learning Platforms and hopefully the best.

How Does Teachable Work?

One of the best online learning services, Teachable is known to have a unique ring to its business model. They allow you to create your own course website and control your branding, student data, messaging and pricing all from one place. They simplify the of developing a course online and launching it and helps easily upload it without extreme pressures about the technology and design aspects. They concentrate on helping you build a brand and also encourages to build a school filled with courses.

Teachable Features: The Comprehensive List of Features Available to Teachable Instructors

Teachable has some of the best features there could be which essentially makes it stand out in comparison to all the other such platforms available in the market and we would be discuss all of those is details.

Teachable Features: Customization

One of their features is that they allow and encourage customization and helps create engaging lectures that would include multimedia and such and helps build a unique and beautiful online school. It also assures a responsive design so that, no matter what the device is, the delight of the students is guaranteed. Also, they allow modification of whatever aspect of the school you wish and have a very high converting sales page. In addition to that, they deserve brownie points because they support multiple languages.

Teachable Features: Learning Tools

They offer a variety of learning tools to make education more interesting and have quizzes and discussions and such. In addition to that, they give out certificates when one completes their course and have a forum for student feedback. Also,they support integrations and have a segmented student list.

Teachable Features: Marketing Automation

They also have an automated marketing programs that offers coupons and promotions and has a variety of advances pricing options to offer. They give you full control of your affiliate program and allow you to customize your sales page. Other than that, they have multiple payment options and marketing integrations to offer. Also, they support conversion pixel.

Teachable Pricing: List of Plans

They have a couple of options to offer here, and all of those include unlimited courses, video, students, hosting, integrated payment processing, student management, discussion forums, basic quizzes and more. The Basic Plan costs only $29/ month and s great for beginners who are just creating their first online course. Next is the Professional plans that costs only $79/ month and is their most popular plan. Other than that, they offer the Business plan that would charge you $399 per month but would also offer you the best of Teachable.

Take a Look at Teachable Pros and Cons

Like most other platforms, Teachable too has a couple of things that makes it stand out and a couple that puts it down. Here, is a list of all of those.

Teachable Pros:

  • They offer a 100% free plan that is fully functional and allows you to earn money from your courses.
  • They are constantly making improvements and adding new features to the platform.
  • Designing a course is very simple and does not require any prior graphic design or web design experience.
  • Teachable Support is some of the best support I have received from an online service.
  • Teachable allows you to create free or paid courses and membership sites.
  • Teachable allows you to offer installment payment plans.
  • Teachable allows you to offer coupons and has a built in affiliate platform for your course affiliates.
  • Teachable allows you to drip out your content over a set schedule.
  • You can integrate Teachable with other tools like MailChimp and ClickFunnels.
  • Some Teachable plans offer built in email marketing.
  • Teachable Dashboard gives you a very easy to understand overview of important metrics like new enrollments and course sales.

Teachable Cons

  • The built in email marketing feature is lacking in design elements, but it is a free perk
  • The sales pages are not as customizable as ClickFunnels, so you might need to use both.
  • Some of the best features are behind a paywall (at the end of the day, they need to make money!)
  • Limited site themes capability.
  • Doesn’t support advanced quizzing features.
  • Doesn’t have in-built gamification system.
  • Doesn’t integrate directly with many third-party solutions.
  • I’d like to see more than just media, text and very basic quizzes. For example, the ability to do live, synchronous workshops or office hours. Or the ability to state learning goals.
  • Limited whitelabeling options

Teachable Success Stories

Teachable seems to have really broken ground and has been immensely helpful to most of their instructors and has been the medium which has initiated over $100 million in sales. They take care of everything and make sure that one can really concentrate on creating and promoting their amazing courses. Some of them have shared their stories too.

Alan Perlman from Drone Pilot Ground School said that he was struggling to get his course off the ground, but he discovered Teachable and it was so easy to set everything up with great support team, and it overall lead to an awesome experience.  CS Lakin from Writing for Life said, “What really has clinched it for me, why I chose Teachable, and why I love it and will continue to do my online courses with Teachable, is the great support that they have.” Also, Julie Stoian said that she went from creating small, inexpensive courses to large courses that resulted in 5-figure income months and said that Teachable is the perfect solution for service-based entrepreneurs who want to scale their business. These thoroughly reflect on the Platform’s outstanding nature of delivering excellent results and staying true to their promises.

Teachable Payments

Teachable handles the payment processing, so one does not have to go out of their way and hire a payment processor separately and they accept credit card, debit card, and PayPal. So, each time a user purchases a course, course bundle, or subscription, Teachable collects the transaction fee according to the  pricing plan that you have chosen and if you are on any of the custom payment gateway (available on Professional and above) or Teachable Payments, you would receive your payments daily or based on your selected payout cadence, within an initial two day trailing lag. For cases where one uses the monthly payment gateway, you would be paid out at the beginning of each month for purchases made at least 30 days ago. For instance, if a student purchases your course on the 12th of March and the other student on the 25th of the same month, you would receive the payment of both of these at the beginning of May, so that the 30- days refund policy can be honored too.


How to Create Your First Course with Teachable?

All you really have to do is type in their email, and the name of your school and they would be ready to create a course for no cost at all. Prior to that, they have to upload the content, be it videos, audio, presentations, images, or text and access everything for the creation of interactive and rich lectures. You could create the look and the feel of your school and leverage the design to present a captivating course website. One has to build a community of students and constantly assure engagement and launch courses and sell them to make money. It is a very simple process and assures quite a return on the effort.

Teachable Review: G2crowd- 4.4

Teachable is known for understanding both the business and user experience elements necessary to launch, promote, and manage online education programs. It is appreciated highly for being easy to use and it seems a great option for someone who is looking to enhance or build a freelance career. However, one has to put in efforts and do marketing and give it some time to build an audience because it does not come overnight. At times, conversion would be slow and business would not be easy but one has to self market and continue to upload materials and courses.

Teachable Review: Capterra -4.5

They are highly liked for having a mostly intuitive functionality and not adding a million features that most people won’t use. It is easy to use and makes good looking sites and puts them up for sale. They are very reasonably priced and it offers a very seamless process of sharing curriculum online. They have features like drag and drop or duplicate that make creating training courses a breeze. It is known for being a steady and reliable platform and they provide proper analytics which come in handy.

Teachable Review: Getapp- 4.57

It is known for just working out of the box and they know well what it is and what could it extend. Other than that, it brings immense ease and makes creation of an online school, website, landing pages and payment portal simple. It has a very modern and simple interface and one does not have to put in the kind of effort one has to in the traditional education delivering method and everything seems to be at the tip of one’s fingers.

Teachable Alternatives: The Comprehensive List of 10+ Alternatives

  • Thinkific
  • Talent LMS
  • Easygenerator
  • OttoLearn Microlearning
  • Bitrix24
  • Eurekos
  • Metrics That Matter
  • Lessonly
  • Learn Upon

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