Teachery Review: Best Elearning Solution to Buy and Sell Online Courses in 2021

With the progression in time, there came various changes, and among them, the one who has never failed to amaze us is the internet. But it wasn’t the internet which astonished us but the list of things it turned possible. One of the things that we found unbelievable even a decade ago are classes conducted outside classrooms. But nowadays, with most students loving the concept of attending classes from the comfort of their homes, the idea of online education is garnering huge popularity.

Many business owners and even entrepreneurs are setting up their website completed with numerous informative courses. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not building the e-learning platform from scratch on their own. Instead, they are outsourcing the services from experts like Teachery, an LMS platform.

Here is the detailed Teachery Review for the ones who are still struggling to do everything on their own and would be hugely benefited by the services of the enterprise.

How to Choose the Best eLearning Platform

The enormous demand for online courses has resulted in many e-learning platforms to spring into action to date. As the convenience, flexibility and benefits offered by such courses are enormous compared to the compensation one has to pay, many students and even professionals and organizations are signing up for such courses. Nonetheless, to say, numerous e-learning platforms are willing to offer you a well-designed and equipped e-learning website and therefore choosing one would be as simple as you think. You would keep in mind several parameters while selecting the best e-learning platform. For example, you should start by checking what the technical limitations of the LMS you are choosing and also whether those limitations can bring in more challenges in the future are. Also, you should consider the objectives you have made by strategizing with your team and whether they are being met if you pick a particular platform. Last but the most critical point is to keep yourself in your learners’ shoes and see whether their learning experience would be smooth and informative as well as engaging.

How Does Teachery Work?

In the ever-increasing course-building industry, Teachery has been gaining a strong foot-hold. If you need a little prodding and maybe technical assistance to set things right, then Teachable is the best assistant you will get in your business endeavour. If you place importance on the creation of a course very easily and within the least stipulated time, then you will surely fall in love with the concept of this e-learning tool. In other words, if you are flooded with tantalizing choices and avenues, then you should go with the straightforward approach of Teachery. The platform claims that you can create and sell informative courses within minutes, not even hours. However, the best thing that Teachery lets you create and sell these beautiful courses without charging you any transaction fees. For the ones who are eager to build an online learning platform within mere minutes without having any expertise in coding and WordPress plug-ins would surely benefit from using it.

Teachery Review: Product Features

Teachery offers some of the best features in the market, and some of it makes it stand out apart from the software of similar types.

Teachery Features: unlimited courses

Most online course creators you will come across will charge you more as you start growing your business and start creating new courses. Often this feature disinterests users in the long run, and they prefer to shift towards other platforms. To withhold the interest of users and to encourage them to start, Teachery offers unlimited everything, courses, students and even lessons. So also if you have 2000 courses to start with or your customer base grows around 1,00,000, Teachery would not charge you a single additional penny and not even the transactional fee which is mandatory in most e-learning software.

Teachery Features: easy to use course editor

If you wish to start your journey with Teachery you would be provided with a basic custom template. Then you can make the most of the beautiful yet easy to use course editor to design and change every element of your website, from the landing pages to the course pages. The best thing is these designing work will be conducted in real-time, and you would be able to observe the change instantly, and you can even save your work.

Teachery Features: marketing tools

Teachery would not leave you alone when it comes to selling your courses as the platform offers numerous marketing features to boost your sales. For adding payment pages, you would not have to rely on 3rd party vendors. So you would be able to include recurring payments pages along with membership forms. Also, to withdraw visitors towards your e-learning website you can give in promo codes and also design accessible landing pages so that the visitors can land to the pages after they click on ads of your business.

Upon using the features of this best e-learning platform for instructors, you would experience email marketing at its best as the email capturing option integrates directly to MailChimp and ConvertKit.

Teachery Features: Wide range of support

To add the media files in your Teachery content, you need to save them on your file storage service. However, to cut off hosting costs, Teachery allows the users to embed content from some of the best storage services. If you use free hosting services from Google, then also Treachery enables you to integrate your content from there to the platform. Also, Treachery supports a wide range of material from presentation and slides to audios and videos.

Teachery Review: Pricing Plans

One of the prime reasons to pick Teachery when it comes to choosing the best e-learning platform is perhaps the pricing. As you might know, when you are selling your courses, there are no hidden or transaction fees you have to pay. Therefore you would be receiving every penny contributed by the learners for buying your courses. But instead of a transaction fee, you would be asked to opt for one of the two plans, the monthly plan is $49, and the yearly plan is $470.

But no matter which plans you select you would be eligible to enjoy a trial period for free of 2 weeks. Both of the plans are the same in terms of the consisting features, but in case you are looking for a long-term plan then you should sign up for the annual plan as you would be getting a 20% discount.

Teachery Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

Like other online course creation platforms, Teachery owns some pros that make it stand out along with a couple of cons that brings it down a bit.

Teachery Review: Advantages

  • There is a free trial period during which you would not have to enter your card details.
  • No matter how many courses you manage to sell, you would not have to pay any transaction fee.
  • Offers simplistic designing features which make designing fun and easy
  • Offers payment pages and the ability to use promo codes as well as to set up recurring payment pages
  • An out of the world customer support experience
  • Ability to use unlimited courses, lessons as well as students with no hidden fees
  • You can drip content if you are well versed in running campaigns
  • The pricing is reasonable for first-timers
  • To create a detailed course outline, you can watch tutorials offered by Teachery
  • Extremely flexible course editor which helps you to edit courses effortlessly
  • Every page you will work on will have pre-built templates, even the occasional emails you will send
  • You can completely customize the lesson pages
  • The sales and landing pages can be integrated successfully as well as the opt-in email pages.

Teachery Review: Disadvantages

  • The learning features are sparse with no quiz capabilities
  • Some errors can be made while embedding videos
  • There is no provision for advance customization
  • It does not host most content like audio and video, and you have to insert it from other hosting services
  • No certificate or gamification available to entertain the students
  • Students cannot upload their assignments

How to Create your First Course with Teachery?

Creating your first course with Teachery is quite simple, and you will have to start by entering your details in the overview section. It is from here that you can upload your course logo and design your welcome message. Then you will have to add content to your courses. After that, you would want to create lessons into your modules with the option ‘Add Sub Menu’ on the navigation bar. The rest of the process would be super simple, and you would be able to figure it out easily. In case you face any problems, do not hesitate to contact customer support.

Teachery Payments

Teachery has an in-built payment processor called the Stripe, and you can accept payments through it. You can create a Stripe account for absolutely free of cost, and you only have to pay a small fee when a sale occurs. This fee is equivalent to the industrial fee for processing credit cards, and therefore you should not worry about it. You will be receiving payments daily from Stripe in case of regular accounts, but for new accounts, Stripe will hold the money for seven days.

Teachery Success Stories

From the very onset of this course creation tool in 2014, the makers intended to make online course creation an easy and useful process, and it has been successful in boosting revenues of several entrepreneurs. For instance, Kelsey Baldwin said “The clean, simple design fit in perfectly with my brand’s aesthetic, making it a no-brainer for me. I was blown away by how quickly Teachery helped me pull all pieces together, and it gave me momentum to finish and sell my course”. And according to Esteban Martinez, after he switched to Teachery, he found the technical burden is taken off from his shoulders, and that turned out to be quite a relief for him.

Teachery Alternatives for Instructors

  • Teachable
  • CourseSites
  • EduFlow
  • Academy of Mine
  • CourseWright
  • Savvy
  • Thinkific
  • Lessonly
  • Learn Upon


If you are on a tight budget and want to start off selling your knowledgeable courses as soon as possible, then you should choose Teacherly over similar tools for instructors any day. Also, if you are not eager to put in a ton of advanced features, then you can consider this platform for its simple process. Even though the company is small, excellent customer support is much better than platforms ranking higher than Teachery. The customer support keeps track of bugs and error happenings, and they pay to the wants of their customers. If you are somewhere between beginner to mid-entrepreneur level, then you would not find any other platform taking care of your needs better than Teachery. The best thing is that you would have a course made just the way you like in no more than a few minutes. And then you can set off to sell the course you have created only within 24 hours of signing off. Also, you don’t have to pay any transaction fees every time you make a sell.

If progress matters over perfection to you, then you would find this LMS catering to your business requirements effectively.